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You’ve heard it more than once, I’m sure: “I cannot get infected because I have a Mac.”

Well, not only is it not true, but my experience has been that while Mac viruses and other malware are far fewer in number, they are often as bad or worse than the garden variety you encounter on Windows. The reason? There are far fewer of them. Malwarebytes tackles this in a recent article.

One tall tale is Macs are impervious to malware, so you needn’t worry about cybersecurity solutions. Antivirus and anti-malware protection is for the PCs. We’re here to bust that myth.

Source: Anti-malware for Mac | Malwarebytes Labs

The nastiness just keeps getting worse.

Macs have joined the ransomware party, Petya gives us a new twist on an old attack, and now ransomware targets hospitals. On top of that, the US and Canadian authorities have issued a joint cyber alert that things are only going to get worse. Continue reading “Malware News: Hospital, Petya and Mac Ransomware”