Well, I’ve had a chance to play around with Windows 10 on a few machine configurations, and I can honestly say it sucks less than Windows 8. No, that is not a ringing endorsement, but it isn’t a resounding condemnation either, at least as user interfaces go. Having said that, I still have some nagging privacy concerns.
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Easy2Boot_logoI’ve used MultibootUSB for a year or more now, and it is a handy way to create a bootable USB stick that can boot into a number of Linux or Linux-like (e.g., Ultimate Boot CD) distros. However, it does not do Windows install boots, and it requires ripping apart the ISO file to do its job. Wouldn’t it be neat if you could more or less just put the ISO on the stick and know it will boot? Well, you can almost do that now with Easy2Boot. Continue reading “Review: Easy2Boot Multiplatform USB Boot Creator”