It is indeed the Age of Stupidity, where all things have become politicized regardless of merit. Now, the Internet Archive is stupid as well, as they rush to put up servers in an even more restrictive country than the U.S.

The world has obviously lost its mind. Fear-mongering seems to increase with every US election cycle, and I sometimes have trouble believing the words that come out of people’s mouths. I mean, Madonna wanting to blow up the White House? Is this sanity?
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Proof that we as a society have lost it.

Crash pic taken shortly after posting selfie while driving
Crash pic taken shortly after posting selfie while driving

Until I saw the above picture taken shortly after a dangerous selfie, I thought that perhaps the whole notion of the drive to curb “Death by selfie? Russian police release brochure after spate of fatal accidents” was over the top. Now I’m not so sure.

We can build machines that make our lives easier, but they won’t make us any smarter it would appear.

In #OddTechNewsoftheWeek, the local channel 9 news site posted “Colorado Springs police: “Man kills his computer” with gun“.  I have been frustrated with my computer and other technology many times.  Actually, look at the tagline of this site!  I’ve had to deal with more than a handful who were at their wit’s end and totally frustrated dealing with tech as well.

Of course, he didn’t actually “murder” his computer, which is not possible, but the headline is humorous.

Nevertheless, don’t be that guy.  Drop me a message if you’re in the Denver area, and perhaps we can save your wits and your computer both. 🙂