The Default User profile contains settings that are copied over to each new profile during initial login. Here’s how to customize it.

In “Notes on UEFI SCCM Imaging for Windows 10” I pointed to the article “How to Customize Default User Profile for New Accounts in Windows 10“, which basically outlines how to do default user profile customization in Windows 10 using the Sysprep utility. As it turns out, you can use the same tool to do default user profile customization in Windows 7 as well, according to “Windows 7: User Profile – Customize During Installation“. Continue reading “Default User Profile Customization in Windows 7”

Microsoft has just made Windows less secure.

Microsoft recently placed a Windows 10 ad hidden in a “security patch”, according to InfoWorld article, “Windows patch KB 3139929: When a security update is not a security update“. This is just plain wrong on so many levels, but not the least is that this will result in even more vulnerable Windows systems in general. Continue reading “Windows 10 Ad Hidden in Security Patch KB 3139929”