“Can you hear me now?” used to be at worst an annoying commercial. Now it could be a scam.

Everyone hates robocalls. However, they usually only take a bit of your time, not drain your wallet. However, there is now a scam going around that can co$t you big time! You answer the phone, and the “person” on the other end asks, “Can you hear me?” When you say, “Yes”, your voice is recorded and then used for all sorts of transactions you yourself never approved!

It’s a bad idea to ever use the word “yes” when talking to any telemarketer, but with the latest version of an old scam, saying “yes” can quite literally come…

~If A Telemarketer Or Robocall Asks “Can You Hear Me?” Just Hang Up; It’s A Scam – Consumerist

It’s a mistake for the social network to fight fake news by outsourcing the vetting of news stories to fact checking groups.

~Facebook, Keep the Fact-Checkers in Their Place – Bloomberg View

There is a lot of concern over “fake news”, but it seems that the real purveyors of propaganda, ABC, NBC (esp MSNBC), CBS and Fox News, all want to squash any viewpoints put out by the poor, uneducated, unwashed masses, and they say very little when it comes to tactics to handle “fake news”.
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It is indeed the Age of Stupidity, where all things have become politicized regardless of merit. Now, the Internet Archive is stupid as well, as they rush to put up servers in an even more restrictive country than the U.S.

The world has obviously lost its mind. Fear-mongering seems to increase with every US election cycle, and I sometimes have trouble believing the words that come out of people’s mouths. I mean, Madonna wanting to blow up the White House? Is this sanity?
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WordFence recently posted about a “highly effective Gmail phishing” campaign that has fooled or almost fooled several technically savvy people. It just goes to show that you can never allow yourself to become too complacent.

A new phishing technique that affects GMail and other services and how to protect yourself.>

~Wide Impact: Highly Effective Gmail Phishing Technique Being Exploited