I’ve used Clonezilla to backup and restore many a hard drive, but what if I just want to mount it and pull off data? Turns out, there is no good way to do this. However, using Arch Linux, one can backup and mount disk images using ddrescue.

I recently had a Clonezilla image that I wanted to mount like a hard drive. Of course, this is easier said than done. I ran the parts through gzip and created an image file, but I still could not for the life of me mount it. What I didn’t know is that ddrescue is built into the Arch Linux install disk.
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How to mount ISO file in Windows 10 after a program changes the file association.

I use 7Zip for most of my compression needs on Windows 10. However, after installing it, it changes many file associations, including .ISO, to itself. Here is how to revert it back so you can mount ISO file in Windows 10 the normal way.

No option to mount .iso file
byu/MoreFeeYouS inWindows10