I use Private Internet Access VPN (PIA) myself, but I receive no compensation for this endorsement. It comes highly recommended from Noah (“Ask Noah”) at Jupiter Broadcasting as well.

While VPN is generally not about hiding from law enforcement agencies (LEAs) like the FBI, it is useful to know that even if an undesirable character were to get access to your VPN provider, there would be nothing for them to find. These days, this usually means your very own ISP, unfortunately. It used to be that VPN was primarily for coffee shops, airports and other open networks, but since our lawmakers have abandoned their roles of protecting our rights, we need to protect ourselves more than ever.

When you protect yourself with a VPN, you expect to be truly secure and anonymous online. Many services claim that they keep no records, but it’s difficult to know who you can trust.

Over the years, Private Internet Access VPN has proven itself to be ethical and reliable. It provides rock-solid online protection, while also blocking ads and malware. You can currently get a three-year subscription for only $89.95 — that’s 64% off.

~ “Private Internet Access VPN Is So Private, Even the FBI Couldn’t Find Any Data

It’s a mistake for the social network to fight fake news by outsourcing the vetting of news stories to fact checking groups.

~Facebook, Keep the Fact-Checkers in Their Place – Bloomberg View

There is a lot of concern over “fake news”, but it seems that the real purveyors of propaganda, ABC, NBC (esp MSNBC), CBS and Fox News, all want to squash any viewpoints put out by the poor, uneducated, unwashed masses, and they say very little when it comes to tactics to handle “fake news”.
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