From The Joy of Tech
From The Joy of Tech

In a very unsurprising article, Older But Geeky recently posted that “Users Turning Off Critical Updates To Avoid Windows 10”. This is what I’ve predicted all along. It is the logical reaction to heavy-handed tactics used by Microsoft to make users move to Windows 10, even if they and/or their computers are not ready for it. People are willing to take the risk in turning off Windows updates just to not get beat over the head with Windows 10.

It is time to recognize that Microsoft does not care about you. It is time to recognize that Microsoft has become the new IBM, a company drifting into irrelevance.

Theoretically, it isn’t too late for them to turn it around, but unfortunately there are no signs of them doing so. The very fact that they not only repeat the same behavior but become more egregious each time (hiding ads in “security updates”) shows that they have not learned anything.

Unfortunately, Apple has proven itself to only be slightly better. At least they draw a line, though, whereas Microsoft seems determined to step over it.

Most things that you do on Windows can be done on Linux. There might be a learning curve, but it can be done for the most part. Libre Office is a good example of a free alternative to MS Office that has gotten quite good.

Unfortunately, Adobe Photoshop is difficult to beat. GIMP can do many of the same things, but the interface is confusing and klunky. On the plus side, it is free, and there are tutorials on Category 5 Technology TV that cover various portions of GIMP.

Unfortunately, video editing in Linux sucks. I downloaded the top contender, and the resulting file was so corrupt as to be unusable. A couple came up with an interface with no indication of what to do whatsoever. Some would not even start! Some, I wonder why they are even “video editors”. One site recommended OBS, which had me scratching my head. Sure enough, I checked it out and it is exactly what it claims to be: broadcasting software. Point to the wrong things like that do not help Linux’s reputation at all. Several pointed to Blender, which does not do videos. It is animation software. Perhaps it once had a subfunction for video editing, but that is not its main purpose.

Want to do video editing? I suggest a Mac.

Yeah, I wrote that. I actually recommended a Mac.

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