After all, you’ll change your mind, won’t you?

Have you ever gotten the feeling that Microsoft believes it knows what you want more than you do? I’ve read that about Windows in particular, and I’ve even said words to that effect at times, but it was usually in an exaggerated jest. However, it appears that there is more truth behind that sentiment than I had previously believed. You now even get Windows 10 downloads whether you want it or not.

According to, it turns out that “Windows 10 may already be on your PC even if you don’t want it“. More than a few Windows 7 and 8 consumers have found gigabytes of data seemingly missing from their hard drives, and it turns out that Windows 10 installation has downloaded onto their hard drive even without asking!

A couple of people are pretty upset because it has downloaded onto their smaller SSD drives without their knowledge, which takes up precious room on the most expensive storage on the system (and may affect performance since that is usually used to put the system on).

Microsoft must really, really, really want you to download Windows 10.


Personally, I think this discovery coming soon after Microsoft released some rather impressive download figures for Windows 10 is no coincidence. It seems they did it purposefully to inflate the numbers to make Windows 10 look more popular than it actually is.

In reality, I have to wonder whether or not Microsoft is on a mission to destroy itself. There have been so many boneheaded moves the past few years, and Windows 8 was such a disaster that Windows 10 really has to improve upon matters. The problem is, they fixed some of the aesthetics but added in several very serious problematic items (I won’t even dignify them as “features”).

This and the rather aggressive stance MS has taken to degrade everyone’s privacy makes it obvious that MS is not your friend. You are simply to be used to make them money. They do not have your interest at heart, or anywhere else as far as that goes.



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