Systemd vs System V init wars continues with latest “How to crash systemd clickbait

When it comes to certain “holy wars” in the IT realm, I’m certainly not inclined to root for one side or the other when it comes to certain complicated items like system init. However, I feel that when it comes to foaming at the mouth clickbait posts filled with the sky-is-falling logic due to one bug (that must be done locally, no less), then I feel compelled to highlight the other side to re-balance the ship.

What I really don’t understand is the human tendency to put the same intensity into certain aspects of computing as they do in politics or religion, and the systemd vs System V init wars are certainly that.

The systemd team has recently patched a local denial of service vulnerability affecting the notification socket, which is designed to be used for daemons to report their lifecycle and health information. Some people have used this as an opportunity to throw a fresh tantrum about systemd.…

Source: How to Throw a Tantrum in One Blog Post – Medium

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