It’s a mistake for the social network to fight fake news by outsourcing the vetting of news stories to fact checking groups.

~Facebook, Keep the Fact-Checkers in Their Place – Bloomberg View

There is a lot of concern over “fake news”, but it seems that the real purveyors of propaganda, ABC, NBC (esp MSNBC), CBS and Fox News, all want to squash any viewpoints put out by the poor, uneducated, unwashed masses, and they say very little when it comes to tactics to handle “fake news”.

I’ll let you in on a little secret: There’s always been fake news! There’s always been a group of gullible people who will believe it.

In fact, some of the worst fake news has been that 17 intelligence agencies agree that President Vladimir Putin was behind all the hacks of the Democrats. Funny, what happened to the China bogeyman who was hacking us all just a few years earlier?

You know what? They finally found definitive proof that Putin was personally involved in the DNC hacks:

Anyhow, it wasn’t even a “hack”. John Podesta got phished. It wasn’t even “sophisticated” and saying it had to have the highest level approval in Russia, that it had to be state-sponsored is a lie. John Podesta is an idiot who got fooled by a false email. Worse, he makes his password “password” or something similar to this. rates this as false citing “lack of evidence”, but only because they ignore Julian Assange’s testimony to the matter. Since Assange had Podesta’s emails, it seems disingenuous to ignore what he says.

The Forbes’ article on Facebook outsourcing “fake news” determinations goes on to state that the group that will make determinations on the veracity of an article is backed by the Poynter Institute for Media Studies. Never heard of them? Frankly, neither did I, but Forbes points out that many of its backers are the same lame groups that currently bring you your lies every night on television, including the lies about 17 intelligence agencies stating that Putin was personally involved in the DNC “hacking”.

How do you like them apples?

It’s a sad day when RT is more reliable at giving real news, but their article “FB’s new ‘Ministry of Truth’? Controversial 3rd party outlets among those to filter out ‘fake news’” is spot on.

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