Microsoft has just made Windows less secure.

Microsoft recently placed a Windows 10 ad hidden in a “security patch”, according to InfoWorld article, “Windows patch KB 3139929: When a security update is not a security update“. This is just plain wrong on so many levels, but not the least is that this will result in even more vulnerable Windows systems in general.

If Microsoft’s documentation is correct, installing Patch Tuesday’s KB 3139929 security update for Internet Explorer also installs a new Windows 10 ad-generating routine called KB 3146449.

Many people — present company included — feel that putting an ad generator inside a security patch crosses way over the line. In fact, you have to ask yourself if there are any lines any more. [Emphasis mine]

That is an excellent question. In fact, since Windows 10 has come out, I have more or less been asking myself the same question, at least when it comes to Microsoft products. It is exactly this sort of thing that causes people like me to avoid MS products as much as possible, and even actively seek alternatives.

Of course, MS is counting on the average user to not know enough to seek out alternatives. However, I am willing to bet that instead what will happen is that they will actively seek ways to turn off updates entirely — a situation that will inevitably make their computers even less secure.

I realize that the big companies are in it for the dollars, but when they totally lose sight of who the customer is, it is time to bolt for the door. Obviously, they realize that many of them will do exactly that — seek a way to turn off updates even if it means paying someone to do it. If they do not, they are stupid. Otherwise, they have truly turned evil.


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